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Fragging Out - Not Your Daddy's Overwatch Podcast!

Feb 15, 2018

Fragging Out Ep. 8 - Holy Shit, We’re still alive!? / The Great Triggering


- Welcome (credit Ephixa for intro music)
- Name intros
- Topic Rundown

Topic 1: The state of the podcast. Why are we so late?

-Talk about why we’ve had such a hard time getting content out (and the mishaps with recording and editing)
-Discuss future of the show (Site rework, guests, format, possible collusions)

Topic 2: SCATTER! What do we do with Hanzo?

-As you all know, Blizzard is working on reworking Hanzo, and removing scatter arrow, completely. But what it will be replaced with, is anyone’s guess. Therefore, we have asked our discord community to come up with some suggestions...

-Discuss community ideas
-Discuss realistic ideas for a replacement


Topic 3: Chinese New Year: What’s up with CTF?
-Blizzworld update and Junkrat/ Mercy nerfs
-Best skins/ favorite skins [spoiler: Mercy]
-What do we think of CTF?

Topic 4: Future of Fragging Out

-Talk about Discord growth and streaming
-Discuss current listenership and possible future guests (Twomad, Rawkus of the Houston Outlaws)
-Closing plugs

Plugs (currently down)
-Twitter @Fraggingoutpod