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Fragging Out - Not Your Daddy's Overwatch Podcast!

May 14, 2018


- Welcome (credit Ephixa for intro music)
- Name intros
- Topic Rundown

Topic 1: Catching up with Fragging Out

-How they we about  the current game

Where the meta is
-How are we doing on Comp this season

- Plans/expectations for the season 10?

Topic 2: OverWatch in the News

- Where do all the teams currently stand

- North Korea hit with fines for cheating

- New map “Rialto”


Topic 3:Symmetra: A dark side of the Light

  • Symmetra ult change
  • What we hope to see from symmetra in future high SR comp

Ideas for a better symm ult

Topic 4: Future of Fragging Out

-Talk about Discord growth and streaming
-Discuss current listenership and plans
-Closing plugs
  -Twitter @Fraggingoutpod