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Fragging Out - Not Your Daddy's Overwatch Podcast!

Aug 13, 2017

Fragging Out takes on the cock and balls of Scotland, himself, Ragtagg! Joined by his game-throwing accomplice, Jelly!

Show notes:

Fragging Out Ep.3 ft Ragtagg


- Welcome (credit Ephixa for intro music)
- Name intros (intro Ragtagg)
- Who is Ragtagg and what does he do (allow RT to explain)
*Time doing WoW content 

Aug 12, 2017

Fragging Out finally launches! Introducing your hosts, Kinder and Kibbey!
Welcome to Thunderdome, bitch...

Show Notes...

Fragging Out Ep.1


-Welcome (credit Ephixa for intro music)
-Goal of the show (humor, vulagarity, to tell the truth about OW)
-About ourselves & our history with Overwatch
-Plans for the show...

Aug 12, 2017

ragging Out is joined by Overwatch Pro, turned coach Roflgator and get an enlightening look into the pro Overwatch scene!

Show Notes

Fragging Out Ep.2 Ft Roflgator


- Welcome (credit Ephixa for intro music)
- Name intros (intro Roflgator)
- Who is Roflgator and what does he do (allow Gator to explain)
*Past teams